Monday, October 13, 2008

While I Was Away

Sorry for the lack of videos the past few weeks. I spent a week recruiting at my university, finding more great minds like mine to come work for us. Then I spent a week in Denmark eating delicious food and teaching customers about LabVIEW (and of course showing off my sweet intellect). A brief photo recap of my week in the land of the vikings:

Here's me teaching a group of Danish LabVIEW customers about advanced multicore programming. At the beginning of my presentation I told them to remove their socks to save them the embarrassment of me knocking them off with my knowledge. I don't think that American sarcasm translates. At all. It was a very awkward moment in the presentation.

When in Denmark, you have to eat a Danish (see photo above for the crappy American version). But what ever you do, do not ask for a "Danish"!!! The baker will immediately roll their eyes and serve you the pastry that had fallen on the floor just before you arrived. You see, in Denmark, they call their pastries "Vienna Bread" (who knows what the Austrians call them), so don't walk up to the counter snickering and ask a Dane for a Danish. Don't do it. Don't be "that guy."

I'm a huge soccer fan and my trip happened to coincide with a UEFA league game between FC Copenhagen and FC Moscow. It was an amazing experience and I have to thank the Danish office for setting it all up. That's Jack standing with me at the game, he's one of our Danish sales guys. I hate to admit it, but he was pretty cool, even for a sales guy.

I took this picture outside the home where Niels Bohr was born. It was a very special moment on the trip, where my great mind communed with a fellow great mind. It's not his fault that the Bohr model is all wrong and the LabVIEW is helping to prove that at CERN.

Yes, there is a town called Middelfart in Denmark. Yes, I took a picture of the road sign. Yes, I made several inappropriate jokes. Yes, I am seven years old.

I'm back in the office this week, and we'll be posting a new video early next week (finally!). We've received a few questions from viewers and will be answering them with videos soon. If you have any questions for me, please post them in the comments or send me an email at

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