Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Investment Tips from an Engineer During Economic Crisis

Build your own automated penny sorter at a low cost at http://www.ni.com/automatedtest/


Brad said...

I might argue that since you are inputting all kinds of pennies into your machine, the ROI is actually much lower. Let's say that pre 1983 pennies make up 50% of all pennies, which is pretty generous. Those pennies are worth $.0107 and the other pennies are worth $.0100. This gives you a $.0003 return per penny, on average. If you consider then the amount of time that you spend making your penny sorter, and the cost of parts, you would need a massive quantity of pennies to break even. Not that the penny sorter wouldn't be awesome. What is your plan for that machine btw, I have an extra sb-RIO laying around, that might work. I wonder if you could do this using vision? hmm.

crelf said...

hey Hey HEY! Don't be dissin' the Hannah!

Anonymous said...

Here is my advice :

If you had purchased £1000 of Northern Rock stock one year ago, it would be worth £4.95 today.
With HBOS, you would have £16.50 left of the original £1000.
With XL Leisure, you would have less than a fiver.
And if you had purchased £1000 of Seguro Air Lines stock, you would have a measly 49p.
However, if you had purchased £1000 worth of Tennent's Lager one year ago, drank the lot of it, then re-cycled the cans at an aluminium plant for a cash refund, you would have £214.

And so, based on the above information, the best current investment advice is to drink heavily and recycle.