Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Diversity in the Engineering Workplace

Sorry this is a little late. I've been using my free time to clean the washing machine of all the left over turkey. My wife was a little upset that I even tried using the washing machine as a mechanical meat separator.

Here is this weeks new video.


Nathan Kingsley said...

I think that "Welcome aboard, Olaf!" Is going to have to become a new catch phrase.

Yair said...

That's not what I say to my peas!
You make me sound like some kind of a weirdow!

Danimal said...

Freaks! I'm surrounded by Freaks!

NJKirchner said...

How's your fist Rocky? I saw the look of pain flash as you kept your composure.

cdbintexas said...

Please dont circulate this widely, I am still trying to convince my new bride that engineers are normal!