Monday, August 11, 2008

A BIG THANKS!!! oh, and please protect our baby seals

Thanks to everyone who attended NI Week and said "hi". I'm glad so many of you liked the videos, and I will be making more. Actually, I want to post one a week and you can subscribe to this blog, or to the youtube channel to get the latest videos.

SO, because of NI Week, and the attention that Green Engineering had been receiving, I made an EXCLUSIVE, SPECIAL, MOVING, HEARTFELT, TOUCHING video about saving our planet and why you should get involved. It isn't about fuel costs and tax credits, or global warming and cleaner air... and definitely not lame marketing campaigns (which is just a bandwagon anyway). No, there is a much more important, much more cuddly, reason for energy conservation...

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Ashley said...

Dude that was awesome! ♥ you!