Tuesday, August 5, 2008

I "Do" Robots at NIWeek 08

Hey everyone. NIWeek has started. Sorry I haven't been able to blog for a couple of days. Between the summits and the keynotes, I haven't had a lot of free time. Hey, if you see me around the conference, be sure to say "Hi", and please tell me what is on your engineering mind.

So, for this week's video, (I promise to post a new one each week) I would like to share a common problem that occurs amongst us all: trying to explain what it is we do all day for a job. According to my mom, I "do" robots.

Tell your friends' mom!


JA Varnell said...

Cool website, very enjoyable. I saw it at NIWeek.

My mom usually just says "That's nice" when I tell her what I do. It's my friends who usually say "So you blow things up, right?"...That's right.

Yair said...

The videos are great. Keep it up.

Are you going to keep posting for each new video or do we need to find out how to subscribe to Youtube channels?

Quintuplet Dad said...

We'll keep posting them here. You can subscribe to this blog and you will get updates on the videos. You can also subscribe to YouTube and get updates as well.

Yair said...

So I understand you these now as well the VI road show?

"You can also subscribe to YouTube and get updates as well".

Yes, but subscribing through Youtube requires creating an account, which I do not want to.

I did find that pasting the channel's URL into Google Reader works, but since you're going to have a post for each one, I'll just keep the subscription to the blog.